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Re: ok, now boots

Peter H. Fornof writes:

> I have a pair of Asolo 556's. (Pinnacles) I just love them. I've had Danners 
> and Raichle's. Raichles were great, but heavy. The Asolo's are light and 
> comfortable. Use Nikwax (3 coats, and BiWell to seal) Most comfortable boot 
> I've worn. I've had one blister (first hike with them) on ball of right 
> foot. Subsequent hikes, no blisters. Only have about 100 miles on them. 

I've been using BiWell for sealing.  I've not used Nikwax, so I'm
curious as to why you use the two together.  Are they not both
sealers?  Thanks.


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