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Re: ok, now boots

>howdy list--
>what is everyone's experience with Asolo boots?
>tried some on yesterday--yummmmy.
>but also $$$$.  willing to spend if they're worth it.  


I have a pair of Asolo 556's. (Pinnacles) I just love them. I've had Danners 
and Raichle's. Raichles were great, but heavy. The Asolo's are light and 
comfortable. Use Nikwax (3 coats, and BiWell to seal) Most comfortable boot 
I've worn. I've had one blister (first hike with them) on ball of right 
foot. Subsequent hikes, no blisters. Only have about 100 miles on them. 

A significant number of thru hikers I met last week on the AT had them and 
loved them. That's my experience.

Pete Fornof