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Re: ok, now boots

My experience withe the one pair of Asolo boots that I owned (Rambler-S)
was not great.  they always felt great until I had been hiking for about an
hour.  Then, they just tore up the rear of my heels.  I tried to persevere
"to really break them in" but after about 400 miles of use I relegated them
to lawnmowing duty.  By the way, I was fitted by a professional for these,
at the Summit Hut in Tucson, and the "feel" of the fit was never a problem.
The Raichle Spirits that I got from REI a couple of years ago are my
favorite boots so far - after about seven pairs of different brands.

Frank Webbe
School of Psychology
Florida Institute of Technology
Melbourne, FL 32901
407-768-8000, x8104