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Mistake!! + Zipcodes + Thank you, Sec'y Babbitt!!

First, apologies to the list for posting a message I had thought I was 
sending only to Ryan.  I must have been tired.

Someone asked re: Zipcodes  - There's an online zipcode server at:
www.cedar.buffalo.edu/adserv.html  (Another very useful thing in the same 
vein: www.switchboard.com  - where you can look up phone numbers and 
addresses all over the country and not pay Ma Bell a fee each time.)

On Wednesday, I went over to Harpers Ferry where there was a little 
send-off for Sec'y Babbitt.  He was beginning a 4 day walk down the C and 
O to DC to call attention to the need for Congress to appropriate the 
funds needed to fix the towpath.  

Since any who wished to go along were welcome to join the Sec'y and his
party, I decided to go along on the first leg of the hike, 17 miles to
Noland's Ferry - about mile 43 of the C and O.  Anyway, from speaking to
several people, I came away with the impression that it was only after
Sec'y Babbitt decided to do this walk that the C and O Canal decided it
REALLY HAD TO get going with the repairs to the badly damaged towpath-AT
downriver from HF. (Initially it was looking like this segment might not
be attended to until 1997.) And it was only after that that serious
consultations began with ATC and PATC to let them get their crews going -
which they had been anxious to do immediately after the flood. 

The work on this segment appears to be going faster that was expected.  I 
believe Dave Startzell said he thought it would probably be finished in a 
couple of weeks.  (He was on the crew that was working on the repairs the 
day of the walk.)   (I believe this is only a temporary fix, and a more 
permanent one will be made at a later date - but this will be fine for 
walkers - and I think - bicyclists as well.)

Also - I understand that AMOCO made a financial contribution for this 
specific section of towpath-AT.  So there were a number of AMOCO folks at 
the send-off, and some walked the 1st 5 miles, as did many others. After 
that, there weren't more than about 15 people for the remaining 12 miles.

--Kathy Bilton  kathy@fred.net