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Re: ok, now boots

>howdy list--
>what is everyone's experience with Asolo boots?
>tried some on yesterday--yummmmy.
>but also $$$$.  willing to spend if they're worth it.  

Hey Alisa!
        I got my Asolo Cygnus's a while ago (also $$$$....as in $230 after
taxes!) from Trail Head up here in Ottawa.  I got the Nikwax waterproofer
for Nubuck & Suede and put two coats on my boots.  I wore them into town for
a few hours a couple of days after I got them so I could start breaking them
in and ended up doing nothing all day but walking around.  No hot spots, no
blisters, my feet didn't even ache at all like they usually do after walking
around on concrete all day!  The other day it was raining outside rather
heavily and I decided to take a short 7km or so hike through our local trail
(Finch Township Trail.....not big enough for anyone else to know about! <g>)
which turned out to pretty much be a 7km or so river!  There was mud and
water all over the place and it was getting pretty close to the top of my
boots, but thanks to a combination of my Asolo's, waterproofing, and my
polypro sock liners, my feet were desert-dry when I got home.

All in all, good boots!