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Questions about the AT... (fwd)

I asked Aaron if he wanted me to post this for him so that someone might 
answer his q. for him.


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Date: Tue, 16 Apr 96 12:35:28 0000
To: kathy@fred.net
Subject: Questions about the AT...

I also had a question.  It's 
been about three years since I've hiked the whole thing but 
every year I go back through the NC Tenn parts of the trail 
(since they are the closest and some of the most colorful from 
what I remember) and every year I keep fogetting more and more 
of the trails.  I do remember one part in Virginia, it used to 
be an old fire lookout station on the top of a mountain.  The 
only problem is that I keep forgetting the name of the 
mountain and/or campsite their.  I can still remeber the cabin 
and the view in the early morning with the mist rolling off 
the side of the mountain and the rolling hills battling their 
way back up, but I can't remember where I put my maps or trail 
guides or anything.  So I was just wondering if you've been 
there and/or know anything about what the heck I'm talking 
-Thanx Shaggy (adharper@hamlet.uncg.edu)