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Addendum to AT Tag Team Journal

I referred to Gail as one of the Tag Team Hikers on our Team in the 
previously posted journal. I neglected to say that her trail name is "Gutsy" 
and she is thru-hiking. She is really burning up the trail with several 20+ 
mile days. Had a 27 mile day near Standing Indian area. Got a note from her 
husband that she arrived at Mt. Momma's at Davenport Gap early Sunday, the 
14th after I dropped her off Friday the 12th at Clingman's Dome about 10:30. 
She will be in Hot Springs early Wednesday. She started March 27th with a 
weekend at a camp for kids and two days of layovers in Gatlinburg. Pretty 
good motoring with four days off to boot. 

By the way, there is some guy who parks his camper at Newfound Gap in the 
Smokies everyday with a big sign directing Thru Hikers to stop. He gives 
away free food to all thru hikers--pizza, cookies, etc. I didn't stop to get 
his name, but saw him doing it. Heard about it on the trail grapevine prior 
to seeing him.

Also, met a thru hiker that I had talked to on AOL several times at the 
Mountain Market in G-burg. His trail name is I think, "Bandit" and his 
screen name on AOL was CurlyMoe.From Atlanta. He remembered me from the 
chatroom on AOL. I gave him and his hiking buddy a ride back to Newfound Gap 
on Friday. I wish I had written down all the names of the thru hikers I met, 
but that would have been all I would have done. Many, many thru hikers had 
purchased Leki Trekking poles. Walaysi-yi and Happy Hiker in G-Burg were 
doing a land office business on these things. They do take a load of the knees!

Pete Fornof