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Re: ok, tents now

>now that i'm solo, i'm looking at two tents and am wondering if one is
>preferred much more over the other.   so what does everyone think about the
>walrus arch-rival vs. the sierra design clip flashlight.  their specs are
>basically the same.  the s.d. is on sale at EMS for 150 this week.  

Well I don't own either of the tents you are asking about but I do own the 
smaller version of one, and the larger version of the other. I have a Walrus 
Swift which is a 1 person tent and I love it. It is very light wieght, sets 
up really fast (although it can be a struggle to get the poles into the 
gromets on the sides of the tent sometimes), and is extremely well 
ventilated. I also like the way the fly rolls up on the top of the tent so 
that you can see the stars but have the fly covering you in no time if it 
starts to rain. I also own a Clip 3 by S.D. I purchased it because it was 
the lightest *true* 2 person tent I could find. There is plenty of room for 
me and m partner and our gear inside and it only weighs about 4.5lbs. 
However it does require quite a few more stakes than the Walrus to set up, 
and it can take a bit of time to put the fly on if a shower pops up. And 
while the Clip 3 is very well ventilated I don't think the Flashlight has as 
much netting so this might be something to consider. Both tents seem very 
well constructed but if I was choosing between the two tents you mentioned I 
think I would go with the Walrus. And if you don't mind being a bit cramped 
you might even think about the Swift instead of the Arch Rival, that would 
save you another pound or so in weight!

E. George Oeser (aka Needles)