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gear stuff

Well I returned from an overnight trip last night and got to finnaly try out 
some of the gear I have been accumulating and I must say I am very happy! I 
used this trip to help break in the new pair of boots I just bought (Salomon 
Authentic 6's) and had no blister problems at all. It also rained all day 
the first day and so I was able to test out their water proofness a bit as 
well, my feet stayed perfectly dry and comfy, so I think I made a good 
choice on the boots. I also carried my now infamous Arc'teryx and it 
performed perfectly, deffinately the most comfortable pack I have ever 
carried. The sleeping bag I took was also new, it will be the bag I will use 
durring the summer on the AT next year and now my only worry is that it 
might be a bit too warm! It is a Western Mountaineering Iroquois bag and 
weighs in at 1.5lbs, and is rated down to 38 degrees. Well it got down to 
about 35 the night I was out and I never felt the need to put on any 
clothing or to even zip the bag up all the way, I LOVE THIS BAG!!!! Finnaly 
I used my pair of treking poles for the first time and I must say that they 
are amazing. It took a little while to get a rythem going with them but they 
deffinately allowed me to hike faster and longer with out getting tired. 
They also gave me a much more secure feeling on the steep, wet, slippery 
downs I encountered which I greatly appreciated. At least now I can stop 
worrying so much about wether or not I have made some of the right choices 
in gear, at least for me what I have seems as though it is going to work.

E. George Oeser (aka Needles)