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Natural Bridge ATC

I am forwarding to the AT-L a response to Rhymworm@nando.net, who wrote about
the Natural Bridge Appalachian Trail Club's section of the A.T. It is from
Bill Foot, who is the Club's current President and a 1987 thru-hiker.

Robin -

Frank Logue was kind enough to forward your message to me regarding your
recent trip through part of NBATC's section.  Thanks for the compliments on
trail conditions.  We work hard at it, believe me.

Regarding the register, the one you refer to was undoubtedly placed by B. A.
Disciple, a Jehovah's Witness from nearby Bedford, VA.  He is definitely not
a club member.  He has been a problem to us for the past several years.  We
have even asked the Forest Service to send him a letter to knock it off but I
do not know if that has occurred yet.  My wife and I maintain Thunder Hill
Shelter and I have gotten him to reduce his activities there through messages
in the register, although he still leaves tracts there sometimes.  I have yet
to meet the individual, but cannot wait to do so.  Many others have voiced
similar concerns and NBATC agrees, it is entirely inappropriate.  Thanks for
your comments.

Bill Foot, one of the Happy Feet