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hi !

Hi, all!   

I'm new to the list and decided to introduce myself.  I'm 36 & live in the
Jackson, MS. area.  I have been hiking for 4 years now.  Have never done the
AT, but, hope to someday.  Hopefully sooner than later.  Right now I'm
reading everything I can on thru-hikes, and am planning a N->S hike; just
for fun & just in case.   My main concerns with thru-hikin' are logistical.
Hopefully , I'll have that figured out before I get the opportunity.  My
favorite hiking zone is the Smokies.  It's a beautiful place, with lots of
challenging hikes.  But, also, anything further north is too far to drive.  

My questions for the day : 

1. Is there anyone here from my neck of the Woods?
2. Does anyone know of some nice places to hike/camp in the South? 
3. Does anyone know of some other good sources for hiking journals?

and, best, yet....

Has anyone ever gone to their employer and ask for an eight month leave of
absense?  And, not been laughed out of the office.  Are our only options to
either quit or retire? 

thanks, all !!


Tom Fort - "bulldog"
e-mail : tfort@teclink.net; or: tfort@mtel.com
pager  : 1-800-755-7501