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Gone hiking!

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A hiking he did go, a hiking he did go, hi ho the derrio, a hiking he did go!
Thursday, April 18, 1996 will be my last day at work until Monday, May 13,1996.
I'm off for three weeks on the Pacific Crest Trail beginning at the CA/MX
border on Saturday the 20th.

I will be setting my subscriptions to the aforementioned lists such that I
won't receive mail from them after around noon on Thursday.

I finish putting stuff in my pack tonight, a jazz concert tomorrow night, 
a trip to my friend the Chiropractor on Wednesday night, and drive to Atlanta
Thursday night for early flight to San Diego Friday morning and I'm on my way.

Cheerio to all!  I AM PSYCHED TO THE MAX! 

John Newman   newman@wcu.edu

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