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Re: hi !

>and, best, yet....
>Has anyone ever gone to their employer and ask for an eight month leave of
>absense?  And, not been laughed out of the office.  Are our only options to
>either quit or retire? 
>thanks, all !!
>Tom Fort - "bulldog"
>e-mail : tfort@teclink.net; or: tfort@mtel.com
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I asked the President of my company what he would think if I were to take a 
6 month leave of absence---really, and his answer was pretty predictable, 
even though he is a great guy and pretty laid back. "Where are you going to 
work when you get back?" This kind of leave doesn't qualify under the 
federal Family Leave Act either, I checked. Oh well, guess I'll have to wait 
until I'm a retired old geezer.

Pete Fornof