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Re: NJ trip

In a message dated 96-04-05 01:34:31 EDT, you write:

>I would like to take a weekend trip sometime this month somewhere on the AT
>in NJ.  Do you have any suggestions?  I'm in central Jersey.  Where should
>I go, and what about transportation? Thanks-
>Matt  Holmes

Just happened to read this article, haven't tried this section of trail yet
so I can't add my opinion ...

The April 1996 issue of Outside magazine lists the section of the Appalachian
Trail on the Kittatinny Ridge, High Point state park as the best trail in NJ.

"At 1,600 feet on the Kittatinny Ridge, it's easy to forget you're 60 miles
from Manhattan.  Topped by 40 miles of the Appalachian Trail, the ridge edges
the northwest corner of the state with rocky outcrops high above the Delaware
River.  The three day, 29-mile hike begins at High Point State park.  Head
south along the ridge, staying the first night at the Gren Anderson shelter,
11.3 miles in, and camping in the oak forest on Rattlesnake Mountain, around
mile 21, on the second.  Finish up with a 8.6-miler along the exposed
quartzite escarpment to Millbrook-Blairstown road."

Sorry, but no public transportation in the area "that I know of" (I am not an
authority on public transit)... 

 Maps can be purchased from the New York/New Jersey Trail Conference (212)
685-9699 (Appalachian trail maps or the Kittatinny map pack), or try EMS.

Depending on the date and the place you decide to take your weekend trip, and
my schedule, I may be able to help with transportation.


Russ          TrailAt@aol.com

PS. Beware of the Jersey Devil!