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Re: coffee

In a message dated 96-04-08 08:57:12 EDT, you write:

>No coffee? Or should it be......No coffee!!! that is a question that i 
>have been wondering about.....what about coffee on the trail? Usually i 
>use those little coffee packets, but they have alot of trash and 
>expensive! I have also taken an empty coffee can and used that as my 
>water boiling/coffee maker with ground coffee...does any one have any 
>suggestions? chip
>Chip Steele                   wlsteele@indiana.edu 

I use a plastic one cup coffee brewer with a snap out coffee basket (with a
screen filter) to make my morning coffee (No bags or paper filters).  CAMPMOR
in Paramus NJ sells them for $2.99.  If you really want fresh coffee, they
also sell a hand cranked coffee grinder (sells for $12.99, weighs 3 oz).
 There is nothing in this world better than a hot cup of coffee in the woods,
first thing in the morning (actually anything in the woods, first thing in
the morning is great).

Russ                             TrailAt@aol.com