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Re: Backpacker Mag. Reviews

On Fri, 5 Apr 1996, macbeth wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> Again, sorry about the limited AT content of this post.  
> Has anyone noticed that Backpacker magazine never really criticizes a product
> or gives an unfavorable review?  (OK I have seen A COUPLE of criticisms, but

I noticed that about the reviews in the back of the magazines (the 
monthly features), I don't trust them usually.  I attribute it to the 
nature of the review.  It is not a comparison test, and i think that it is 
done by affiliated outdoors people, not necessarily the editors who are 
used to reviewing lots of gear.  I think that if someone gave me a new 
pack/tent to try out for a week instead of whatever I had been using for 
the last 5 years, I would probably say "yeah, it's pretty good" because I 
didn't have a lot to compare it to.

I like those columns because it gives me a general idea of what is out 
there and if it is total junk or not, but I wouldn't stake a whole lot 
on one.  I would wait for an extensive comparison test feature article on 
what i was looking for before I made any decisions.  They usually test a 
lot of models, usually have good testers and test on a variety of people 
of different shapes and sizes.

I have had some contact with Steve Howe, one of the editors, who has been 
very nice.  He mentioned that they are pretty careful about biases and 
are not allowed to accept any freebies/discounts/perks from companies.  
They have to buy all their gear through the same channels as the rest of 
us humans.  I trust him.

Anyway, summary: good magazine, don't stake a whole lot on the columns in 
the back.


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