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Backpacker Mag. Reviews

Hi everyone,

Again, sorry about the limited AT content of this post.  

Has anyone noticed that Backpacker magazine never really criticizes a product
or gives an unfavorable review?  (OK I have seen A COUPLE of criticisms, but
they have been very weak at that)  This kinda bothers me, but maybe they are
following the motto/mantra often heard around here (hike your own hike,
everyone has their own preferences. This, I guess, is OK but
I am really looking for a no-nonsense review, where a critic really tells it
like it is, even if they come off a sounding harsh.  I want harsh, especially
if I am looking to slap down $200-350 on a slepping bag or even $50-150 on a
water filter.

I am hoping that they are not just being soft on a product because the
company advertises in the mag.

The mantra "Hike your own hike" is great for the AT, but I guess when it
comes to gear....trial and error is waaaaay to expensive.

any thoughts???

mark macbeth