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Re: hostel question

On Thu, 4 Apr 1996, Amy Sue Halvensleben exclaimed:
> will be doing some backpacking and sight seeing.  How do I get info on all
> the different hostels (sp?) across the country, and what is the deal with
> them?  How much do they cost, what are they like, restrictions, do I need to
> Thanks, Amy
Speaking from a forreigner's point of view here, all you need to do is go 
get a backpakers guide to the USA, or if you can, the more specific 
kinds, particular to the area you will be visiting. (what a long sentence 
= ) ) Most give you a great rundown on what you can find, and can be 
found inthe travel section of your local bookstore. The most useful 
resources you can find are other backpackers however. = )
happy easter to all,