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For All interested in trail stories

I've just read the best article concerning thru hiking the AT. 
Matter of fact, this article applys to anyone wanting to long 
distance hike any trail. It's written by Mike Thomas. I read his 
article in the Florida section, of the March 17,'96, Orlando 
Sentinel newspaper. Don't have any idea if it was published 
elsewere. He writes about himself, getting ready to thru hike the 
AT, and the AT itself.  He should be somewere on the trail right 
now. He says in his piece he starts at Springer next week, which 
sould have been around 24 Mar. Any of you who are going on the 
trail meet him, he's with it! This guy writes about the AT like 
he's done it all before, but this is his first long distance hike. 
If anyone can contact Download, try to find out if they have meet 
him. He implys that he's going to write his hike off as a business 
expense, hopes to finish in Oct, so that means he'll be writing 
about his whole hike. This guy has all the trail stuff I've 
experienced down to a tee! He writes with a light of heart style. 
He must have done a lot of research to write this piece, and sure 
has the nack of putting that research into words that capture the 
very essance of the AT and long distance backpackers.
Wish you well Mike!