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Re: Now that it's over...

As a devoted SU fan I second Alisa comments.  Wallace is quite a guy.  
And I was glad to see them go as far as they did !  SU just needs more 

I did want to ask an AT related question.  Last year I was hiking in 
Penn. and stopped at Peter's mt Shelter ...nice place.  It was 
dedicated to a young man ... I forget his name right now ..maybe Steven 
Barker or Baker ??  I was wondering who he was.  Does anyone know ?

one of the hopscotch kids 
from Munnsville but I work in Syracuse

On Wed, 3 Apr 1996 Pooombah@aol.com wrote:

> joe...
> i have to say that i'm happy for KU.  really.  i mean, no one expected SU to
> win and it would've been twice as bad for kentucky if they had lost.
>  everyone here in syracuse will treat our guys like heros regardless.  a
> great game!  and i agree about wallace.  what a good role model-we need more
> guys like him out there.
> cheers.
> alisa