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RainShed - sewing

>Rain Shed's number, as listed in directory assistance and in their catalog is

The RainShed's number is 503-753-8900, and that number works, I checked
today The hours are 0930-1730 Pacific Time. Their address is 707 NW 11th,
Corvalis OR 97330.

I also haven't seen the issue of thread mentioned. One should use "#69"
thread when sewing outdoor gear. It is a strong nylon thread which will work
better than any of the polyester threads usually available in the fabric stores.

Also, if you intend to make anything waterproof, make sure that you get
fabric coated with at least 1oz of polyurithane. Most ripstop available in
fabric stores is only 3/4 oz coated, and will leak.

I make most of my gear to save weight.

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