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Re: Cameras

The Ansco camera that Needles got at Walmart sounds like it would be good
for what Sharon needs. The panorama feature sounds good. The disposable
cameras would be good for short trips, but for a thru hike I think the
processing costs would add up greatly, probably more than if you bought a
cheap camera and a good supply of film. If you were to shoot alot of photos
you would go through alot of cameras which would be a hassle. Also, you
lack the flexibility of different film types. The disposable panorama is
not a true extreme wide angle panorama. It is like a 24mm lens on a 35mm
camera that gets cropped long and skinny. I work in a photo lab, it's fun
to shoot with a wide angle lens on your SLR, then print using the panorama
setting on the printer, better quality too. You just have to guess where
it's going to get cropped.
                                    Steve Coombs
                                  GA 89 > ME 21st century