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Re: running shoes/trailrunning/thru-run

At 04:27 PM 3/29/96 -0600, you wrote:

>Questions for you all:  What do you feel in general about trail runners?
>  Is a well-behaved and polite runner fully accepted on the trail?  Or 
>  does that rushing pace or light load somehow set them apart?  Are 
>  day-hikers/runners and overnighters equal in your eyes?  
>And one more time, how about the thru-run attempt at 52 days?  What 
>  issues about trail usage does this bring up?
>  I may have some answers and alternate points of view.  At the same
>time, I recognize that a traditional thru-hiker might look with 
>distain at some guy blasting thru who isn't even going to sleep on 
>the trail.
>  I hope this generates some interesting discussion.
>Howie Breinan

I guess if the Trail get too crowded, I'd rather it were with backpackers.
Why not run some other trails? Is the fame of breaking mileage records what
your after? I think this is a poor reason to get on the AT. I don't denige
anyone the right to be there but I have the same repore with them as runners
passing me on the street, that is none. Backpackers have a comraderie makes
fast friends of strangers in a few days. I've heard of many reasons why
people hike the AT and I think nearly all of them are more noble than those
of a runner.

Jim Lemire