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Re: running shoes/trailrunning/thru-run

Howie -

I've run into a lot of people who have opinions about the purpose of the AT.
I haven't found very many of them who have read Benton MacKaye's proposal.
It's available on the AT homepage - go read it.  Thruhiking was NOT one of the
uses that MacKaye foresaw for the Trail.  So a thruhiker who doesn't like
trail runners would need to come up with a better reason than original intent
to convince me that runners shouldn't be out there.   If original intent were
the criteria then thruhikers shouldn't be out there either.

A runner may not see the same trail that I see, but then no two "traditional"
thruhikers have exactly the same trail experience either.

Let's get back to the ONLY two "rules" that I recognize on the Trail - 1/  Hike
your own hike  and 2/ respect others right to hike their own hike.

Go do it - just honk when you want to pass.

Walk softly,

>And one more time, how about the thru-run attempt at 52 days?  What
>  issues about trail usage does this bring up?
>Ummm how bout that is not what the trail was invisioned for?
>What's the point? Name in the local paper?
>  I may have some answers and alternate points of view.  At the same
>time, I recognize that a traditional thru-hiker might look with
>distain at some guy blasting thru who isn't even going to sleep on
>the trail.
>  I hope this generates some interesting discussion.