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Re: recipes

You wrote: 
>i am wondering about chicken.  in a couple of the recipes they have 'freeze
>dried chicken' in the ingredients.  can chicken also be dehydrated?

I have done it and lived to talk about it.  I cut into strips about 1/4 inch thick.  
Cook in broth.  Then dehydrate.

You wrote:

>if not, where does one find freeze dried chicken?

REI, EMS, and a number of local outfitters around DC have it, from time to time.  
I've used AlpineAire when I had not planned ahead and dehydrated my own.

You wrote:

>seems to me that to save on time and fuel you could rehydrate in a water
>bottle during the day while hiking.  would this work??

Don't know.  Never been willing to risk spoilage.