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Re: Hey Poombah!

IL--i'd love to see you out there someday, too.  perhaps we can plan a list
get together some day.  it's not like we don't all have something in common!

horus...it's pooombah@aol.com    <---3 o's 
no worries...i didn't sweat it.   :)
i was surprised to find you on-line....thought you were off on your
adventure!  perhaps we'll connect another time.

ugh--it's been a LOOONGGGG friday and my beer is gone.  do you guys ever have
days that never end?  the town is crazy with SU fever (i'm in syracuse--duh)
and i have a feeling there will be some intense moments tomorrow.  just wish
i loved basketball as much as football!  but all the same--GO SU!

everyone have a good weekend!