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running shoes

The sports med research on ankle support braces, which hold your ankles
much like boots, or even more snugly to prevent ankle sprains, does not
support the idea that the ankles are "weakened" by using them.  Besides,
your foot still moves and ankles bend inside a boot.  Running shoes are
meant for running straight ahead and give no lateral support.  They also
aren't meant for climbing and steep descents.  I personally can
recall three instances where I thanked my boots for saving my ankles on
my last hike alone.  I wouldn't try running shoes for anything but running,
or day hikes without a pack -- should be great for that.  Most of today 
running shoes have thick soles which elevate your ankle but not your toes,
which puts you in a "downhill" state, I would think.  Also leaves you more
inclined (so to speak) to really do a job if (when) you turn your ankle.
Just my 5 cents (too much wind for 2 cents).