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RE: MSR XGK stove

In message Thu, 28 Mar 96 08:40:12 EST, at-l@patsy.hack.net  writes:

>> When I started it up, the priming flame almost set everything
>>   on fire. I swear, it was huge, and dangerous and I
>>   wouldn't dare use it in a high risk area for forest fires.
> Ever light a Svea 123? :-)
> jim
> jloudon@gic.gi.com

Never had a problem lighting a Svea.  Just leave the valve closed while
it's preheating.  I got my Svea 123 for $7.95 from REI in 1968.  It has
never failed, and has required no maintenance except an occasional
tip-cleaning and mid-winter polishing.  I prefer to prime it with alcohol
because there's no soot, smaller flame, safer because water will put out an
alcohol fire.  Carrying an extra supply of alcohol on a long trip could be
inconvenient.  Rubbing alcohol is no good because it contains too much
water.  Haven't tried diluting hardware-store denatured (ethyl) alcohol and
using it for rubbing alcohol.

--  Frank     reid@indiana.edu