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MEC catalog and #s

hi all.  since i think we all have a drool factor of 12 on issues of NEW
GEAR, i'll pass on the MEC catalog #.  for those who don't know, MEC is
mountain equipment co-op, (i think).  it is a canadian company and therefore
means discount $$$ (woo-hoo!)   i know they have a store in toronto
416-363-0122 and ottawa 613-745-1094.  to receive a catalog, call
800-663-2667.  they open at 6:30 PCT.  i haven't seen the catalog yet, and
therefore can't vouch for prices, gear, quality, etc.  but hey, it's another
catalog to gaze over with big dreamy eyes instead of earning my paycheck.
eyeing that mailbox impatiently...