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RE: boots/GTX

Mark -

>you wrote:

>Well, down hill is easier than UP hill when you carry a load!
>-consider yourself FIRED upon :-)
>personally I have a pair of Vasque that are OLD but still working (although
>getting a little bald on the tread).  They are 15+ years old and have been on
>trails in over 25 states in all kinds of weather and surfaces - any you could
>imagine I would guess and have LOTS of miles on them.  I guess I should just
>write them a thank-you letter and pray the next pair will be as good.

I'm happy you found a good pair of boots - I seem to wear out 1 pair every
year no matter what brand I use.   A lot because of the way I walk, I think.

Gotta put in another viewpoint on the UP hill though.  I'm slow on the uphill,
but it doesn't hurt the knees like the downhill does.  Maybe that's cause
my knees know how old my drivers license says I am?

Walk lightly,