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Re: boots/GTX

In a message dated 96-03-28 08:50:05 EST, Jim wrote:

>Gotta put in another viewpoint on the UP hill though.  I'm slow on the
>but it doesn't hurt the knees like the downhill does.  Maybe that's cause
>my knees know how old my drivers license says I am?
My knees always feel like they are going to give out any second after one of
those 8 mile downhills or whatever.  Being out of shape for downhill (there
is no way I have figured out in the state of IL to get in shape for downhill)
the old knees start to quiver from overuse.  They always seem to make it
though.  An overnight rest always seems to revive them somewhat.  I'm getting
curious how old your driver's license says you are....just call me nosey!

IL Fltlander