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Thorlo Socks

Sharon wrote:
>I've been using thorlo socks as well as wool blend with polypro liner.
>I always get confused when looking at the thorlos..... do I want
>"hiking" socks or "trekking" socks???

The "hiking" thorlos have 88% "foot health" acrylic, 2% spandex and 10%
nylon- no wool included.  The "trekking" thorlos have 45% acrylic, 9%
nylon, 6% hollofil, 2% spandex, and 38% wool.  Because of the wool, I
always choose the trekkers.  Hope that helps some.

Matt  Holmes
"A penny will hide the biggest star in the sky if you hold it close enough
to your eye."
         ---Samuel Grafton