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Re: Drying Foods

>In a message dated 96-03-22 23:37:48 EST, you write:
>> We have also made a burrito mix that is a real hit.  
>I would really like to have such a recipe.  Want to post it?  

We follow the directions on a packet of "Old ElPaso" burrito mix 
(basicially browning ground beef, removing the fat, and simmerting the 
mix) add some canned refried beans.  Then dehydrate the enitre mixture.  
We reconstitute it by simmering.  You can dehydrate toppings also.  The 
tortillas travel well and so
me cheese really makes a great meal. 

>I would think that with the spagetti sauce rehydration you would have to boil
>your pasta in as small amount of water as possible (which you do anyway,
>unless you like carrying water).  Is this correct?

It's a balancing act to try to end up with enough moisture to have a 
sauce, but not so much that you end up with pasta soup.  On the other 
hand, I haven't heard any complaints, expecially after a long day.  :)
Leo Paveglio