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Re: Enuf fat?

SloMike wrote:
>Folks - I was reading a post (actual several, seeming to agree) mentioning
>the Lipton's Rice and a sauce packets and Mac and Cheese apparently as
>staples.  You need an awful lot of fat on the trail;  do these supply
>anywhere near what you need? 

I pretty much lived on Lipton's Noodles and Pasta packs while hiking,
supplemented by Squeeze Parkay.  I lost fat, but gained muscle.  You are
constantly bedeviled by having a light pack, but never getting enough of
what you need to eat because of the weight.  That's why, at least for me,
town stops were important, where I could try to eat somewhat intelligently
and stoke back up.  Many people dehydrated food and carried it, which made
a huge difference in their meals taste and nutrition.  Even those people
would pig out when coming into a town, though.  Eventually, I took to
carrying a large jar of peanut butter and ritz crackers as a supplement
to the Lipton's.  I also was a big fan of Power Bars.