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Re: Snake Bit Kits

HeY All,

I have this good friend that "usta" hike in the mountainous (is that a word?)
regions of South America ... right around West Virginia . She has been
reading some selections and happened upon this snake bit thread. This about
what she said :

i'm not sure about the currently accepted medical
opinion, but i remember seeing a documentary about
snake bites a couple of years ago. It basically said 
that trying to suck venom out of a bite wound is virtually
futile, since the venom 'locks' itself into your tissue almost immediately
therefore cannot be physically removed. Additionally, i'd think twice about 
cutting myself open on purpose after hiking for a week with no shower, when 
small things like minor topical infections can become a large inconvenience.
Has anyone read anything about this ?

Also, how deadly are the bites of snakes found in eastern USA ? We won't be
running into King Cobras .. but how dangerous are rattlers and copperheads ?