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I don't know when you are hiking, but when I thru-hiked, I saw and 
heard a lot of birds.  There are warblers galore, thrushes, finches, 
goldfinches, turkeys, woodpeckers, juncos, sparrows (the white 
throated sparrow is especially distinctive), vireos, etc.  There were 
times I would stop walking to listen to an especially beautiful song, 
and others were just unusual (like the one that sounded like a 
submarine whistle).  I didn't see all that many birds except the 
bright ones (tanagers, goldfinches and the like), but their song was 
all around.  Of course, I hiked alone a lot so there were no voices 
to scare them off, and I often hiked early.

  Hikers who use headphones are very unlikely to see much game.  (ie. in 1988 I saw 
four bears and a moose on the AT, my friend, hiking within a day of me, saw 
none).  The difference is, I heard the noise they made running away, 
and looked up.  He was immersed in his music. I would rather hear the 
sounds of the woods than a DJ from the city, anytime.  So I don't 
bother with a radio.  The result is, nature is much closer.
Ginny Frost