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Re: Babies on the trail

>We were wondering about the possibility of hiking with a small baby....
>Has anyone here ever attempted that before? What would be some
>anticipated concerns, joys, problems....We've been talking about this for
>a little while, and have disscussed all kinds of senarios. If anyone has
>any ideas or feedback or first hand knowlege, please post! = )

Anna  -

I don't know if anyone's tried to thruhike the AT with a baby, but Cindy Ross
did the Colorado Trail a couple years ago with her husband and two toddlers.
They used llamas, though.  I don't know if llamas are allowed on the AT.
She's just published a book on hiking with kids.  You might find it of
I saw a copy in REI a couple weeks ago, but don't remember the title.

Walk softly,