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Re: shoe stuff

>I was just looking at what people were saying about shoe goo and barge
>cement and was surprised that people carried these - they are pretty
>heavy.  For those who have: do you carry a whole tube, or empty some
>out?  Is there an easy way to do that?

Jeff -

As I recall it was a whole tube of Shoe Goo - and it was heavy.  The only
reason I was carrying it was that I'd had the shoemaker  at Manchester
Center take a look a my boots and he told me they might not make it to
Hanover.  And he couldn't fix them.  So I bought a tube of Shoe Goo and
called Vasque.  Vasque said they'd send a new pair to Hanover.  But that's
another story.

You do what you have to sometimes - whether you like it or not.

Have a good day,