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Re: Babies on the trail

> I don't know if anyone's tried to thruhike the AT with a baby, but Cindy Ross
> did the Colorado Trail a couple years ago with her husband and two toddlers.
> They used llamas, though.  I don't know if llamas are allowed on the AT.
> She's just published a book on hiking with kids.  You might find it of
> interest.

      With possible exceptions like the C&O section, no pack animals
      are allowed on the AT. This according to a blurb in Wingfoots guide.

      As for hiking with a baby, my concern would be that it's very
      difficult just to take care of one's own needs on a thruhike
      let alone all of someone elses as well. I guess this applies in 
      'real' life also though.

						      --- Ron K ---