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Re: Harper's Ferry Hostel and rules

>    Which brings me to rules. I know the last thing people want during the
> freedom of the trail is to be hit with alot of rules. But, when we hit a
> town we need to be aware of how our actions will affect the locals and the
> hikers that follow. If a church is kind enough to provide a shelter, we
> should pay attention to their rules. If they do not want alcohol on the
> premises show some respect. If you can't do without that beer at least
> don't flaunt it. This situation has occured and has caused problems for the
> hikers that followed. The Harper's Ferry Hostel has alot more rules than
> most places where thru-hikers stay. However, the majority of the guests are
> not thru-hikers. Not all places that hikers use are there strictly for
> hikers. We just need to be sensitive to the way the locals react to us.

     AYH Hostels have a fairly standard set of rules. Harry and Jean
     weren't very flexible with them but they treated thruhikers the
     same as everyone else. And your absolutely right about respecting
     the locals in THEIR towns and facilities. This includes showering
     and doing laundry at every opportunity and doing these things first
     when arriving in town. Sometimes hikers forget this.

     Also, if a hostel does not want alcohol, smoking, pets, etc in them,
     obey it! I think the levelheaded hikers should put a lot of peer
     pressure on each other and the few bad seeds with regards to this.
     For example, the Shea's in MA used to allow hikers to sleep in
     their pavillion which was conveniently located midway between
     shelters 12 miles apart. Hikers constantly ignoring signs asking
     that there be no pets, lit candles, etc soured their attitude
     towards us in short order. A couple of drunken idiots breaking into
     their restaurant was the last straw, the pavillion is now closed.
     Similarly, Rusty's, Levi Long's Hostel, the Level Green Church,
     and the O Lystery Pavillion are now off limits to hikers thanks
     to the actions of just a few jerks. Thanks guys. No one is
     obligated to provide special services to thruhikers, sometimes
     we forget that.

>    With the detour in Harper's Ferry this year there might not be as many
> people using the hostel. Actually, are Harry and Jean still there? They
> didn't seem that happy running the place.

     Actually, the hostel is closer to the reroute than to the
     original AT/C&O path. When turning off of US 340 in MD you
     will pass Cindy Dee's restaurant. Just past there you turn
     right on Sandy Hook Rd and go just .1 mile down the hill to
     the hostel. The hostel is about .4 mile off of the AT/C&O.

     According to Wingfoot, Harry and Jean no longer run the place.
     I know Harry once told me that he wasn't overly thrilled about
     running the place, it was Jean that wanted to do it. I don't
     know why they left, maybe Harry's health turned south again.
     In any event it will be open this year and the manager welcomed
     thruhikers in Wingfoot's guide.

						 --- Ron K ---