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RE: AT Overuse - my .02c

> I don't think a permit system is in the cards for the AT.  First, I'll =
> bet the ATC personnel are just as rabid of individuals as most people =
> and couples that complete the thruhike.  Second, how would it be =
> enforced?  A bunch of AT policemen?  Third, I would fight against the =
> permit option until all other options were fully explored.  I like the =
> idea of the AT being kept up by volunteers that do it because it's =
> there.

Permits are already required for portions of the AT (SNP immediately
springs to mind), and yes, there are AT police out there.  I know of at
least one individual (not me :-) )who was awakened at 3am and brought
before a local magistrate for the crime of camping in an unapproved
site on the AT in New Jersey.

Granted we're not talking about a unified police force patrolling the
entire AT, but it's been a long time since one could hike the trail
without running afoul of bureaucracy.