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Re: yet another request

hi everyone...
i seemed to have a bit of a problem getting to the list yesterday...one of
the 20,000  network connections between here and there must have been down.
 anyway, i have received a bunch of requests to make my potential gear list
public to this list ('to hell with clutter' as one person said).  to review,
i've asked for seasoned volunteers to go over the list of gear i've put
together in order to avoid that classic extra 15lbs that thru-hikers start
off with.  so far, four people have agreed to look at it and i've sent the
list off to them.  to jim, ginny, alice and mark, thanks in advance for your

i'm wary of posting the original here as it is pretty lengthy.  i can't
believe that two pages of stuff can only weigh 23lbs!  that's the total i
came up with without food and water for my partner and i.  if anyone wants to
see it let me know.  otherwise, i'll just forward it and the comments i
receive when i get them back.

i apologize for the poor vernacular but it's way too early to be typing this
everyone have a kewl day
:::::::::::::running off in search of