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My good deed..

Hi all,

I want to do something nice for the '96 through hikers when they start arriving in
New England.  I'd like to find a popular meeting place on the AT where people
might stop for a day and cook dinner for everyone who's hungry.

My plan is to show up on a Friday evening with tons of food, and start cooking.  I'd
stay through the weekend cooking for the troops, shuttling hikers to town, etc.  I
would greatly accept any advice for the following questions:
- Where is a good (popular)  location to meet hikers?  Is Mt. Greylock a good
spot?  I want to be close to a road and town so I can shuttle people.  
- What would be a good time to do this?  This would be contingent on the location.

I realize that I'm very early in my planning, but I wanted the class of 96 to have a
say in my preparation.  I would greatly appreicate any information / advice you
can offer.

See you this summer.

Dave Kosicki

David H. Kosicki
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