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Re: My good deed..

Hi Dave,
  That's a great idea!  Myself and a few other hiker's from '94
(Toggossi, Frightwig, Tuna Finch and his wife) set up a "feast" 
last year at Caledonia State Park in PA in June for the '95 hikers 
who happened to be coming across at the time.  It was a really neat 
experience;  for one hiker, it was the day of his birthday, so we managed 
to get a cake and had a little party for him.  The trick to this though, is 
trying to pick a time when a fair number of hikers are coming through.  
The wrong day, and you might get caught in a vortex when nobody is hiking 
that day.  Anyhow, I'm sure any of the '96 crowd you'd get would greatly 
appreciate it.