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Re: Trail "Contacts"

About contacts...  I camped on a month trip with them in the
mountains.  It really wasn't that bad for me.  I guess I'm just so
used to them.  The only bad time was when I had done a few days of
climbing at about 14,000ft, proceding to split my fingers,whcih
couldn't heal at all at that temperature and elevation.  I tried
taping up my fingers to keep them from getting infected and splitting
more.  Great for the day but when night rolled around after hiking and
climbing all day and then baking bread that night, I'm sure you can
imagine the crud that coated the tape.  taking out contacts without
the use of any of your fine motor skills is IMPOSSIBLE!!  I gave up..
I guess the big point is to CLEAN your hands.  when I'd clean the
contact in the palm of my hand, i;d get this clean spot in the middle
of my palm..  pretty gross.  i never had a problem.  THat's my little
tale.  I doubt it helps much, but I'd say,if you're comfortable wqith
your contacts and all, go for it!

	     "They were nothing more than people, by themselves.  
			Even paired, any pairing, 
	they would have been nothing more than people by themselves. 
 			   But ALL TOGETHER,
		 	 they have become the 
		       HEART and MUSCLE and MIND 
		   of something challenging and new,
 		something strange and growing and great.

 			      ALL TOGETHER, 
		   they are the instruments of change."

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