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Re: Trail "Contacts"

I wear contact, but not on the trail.  I guess you culd.  But a person would
have to take extra care to wash hands very well before handling them.  Even
after just a few days on the trail, I went to NOC and washed up and the tap
water from washing my hands turned color.  If you go for a long time the
dirtier and smellier you get.  It is not impossbile, but will take extra work. 
Cleanlyness is a most for wearing contacts.  Your eyes are important ya know.
I used to wear contacts when I worked at an automotive dealership, wrenching,
my hands got very dirty and it was hard to clean them to take out contacts. 

Things might be different now with the contacts you can wear for over a week. 
It may not be too bad.  

One Step