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Trail "Contacts"

Hey Y'all,

I purchased some Coglan's iodine (tetraglycine Hydroiodide) to check the
taste in ordinary drinking (Boston tap H2O) water. After testing, I wondered
why it couldn't be used to disinfect contact lenses. So I took an old pair of
lenses (1 week disposables) and plopped in a tablet in each container(Each
Eye). Bad idea. It dyed my contacts a lovely brown. I couldn't get the color

Has anyone tried this w/ any other iodine tablet/solution?

Has anyone used contacts on extended hikes. I wear mine for extended periods
of time with no problem. I would like to use them on the trail, but just
wondering what you all have experienced.

BTW - The iodine was fine. I barely noticed a tablet placed in a 16 oz glass,
@ 40 *F. A tablet is recommended for one liter (32oz?)

Billy Goat
'98 ME->GA