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Re: So much for this year!

>   Well, it is with great, great, GREAT sadness that I report the 
>postponement of my thru-hike. I was well on the way to leaving around 
>April 8, but financial reality has come up and bit me on the ass, so 
>to speak. Looks like I'm going to have to console myself with the 
>knowledge that now I have until this time next year to plan.
>   I'm planning a multi-day trip to the Big South Fork in March. My 
>brothers and I will be hiking a few trails there, among them the 
>Kentucky Trail. I guess I'll just have to make do with the weekend 
>and weeklong trips until '97.
>   I am REALLY depressed about this situation. I was so psyched about 
>doing the AT this year -- and something completely unrelated to 
>hiking stopped me. It wasn't the weather, or my resolve, or my feet, 
>or my gear. It was money. Come to think of it, I guess money ISN'T 
>really unrelated to hiking and the outdoors, although I'd like to 
>think it is.
>   I'm sorry if I sound like I'm whining -- I really don't mean to -- 
>but it sucks to be this close to a dream only to wake up, at least 
>until next spring.
>One bummed Kentuckian stuck in Atlanta,
dear joe,
i'm sorry. 
i am planning to leave this year (not to rub salt in the wound), but 
'95 was the year i wanted to leave and due to uncontrollable circumstances,
it was put off. actually, i was so discouraged that because of the lack of 
familial support to help me (they didn't believe that i actually wanted
to thru-hike the appalachian trail) i gave up my dream to do it completely.
luckily, i read an article about a local teacher thru-hiking. my interest 
and my dream was reborn. and soon i will go. the point to my rambling?
they might be delayed but the time will come. what if i hadn't seen the
article? would i have had another dream that is just important as the
current one? 
also, i give permission for anyone to whine if they have to delay their
starting date. whining is healthy.


p.s. read mr. owens messages. very inspiring.