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Re: Intro and a few questions

Hi there Dave,
My husband and I hike together, adn although we hike at realtivly 
diferent paces, we seem to manage ok. He hikes faster than I do, but 
somtimes I can speed up or he can slow down. That way we can talk adn 
share things. However, splitting up during the day and meeting and 
certain food stops also makes sense. That way we get a break from each 
other, and are able to spend some alone time. It is also a fun thing to 
describe what you have seen adn experienced during the day, at the end of 
the day, to your partner.
Rob and I share our pack weight, fairly, he can carry a heavier pack 
than I would tend to, and we both consider that fair.
We are planning a thru-hike for the season of '98 along with friends of 
ours who are also a married couple. My husband thru-hiked in '94 but this 
will be a first for me adn our friends, even though we have enjoyed a lot 
of hiking previosly.
Enjoy your time  outdoors, SPRING IS COMING !!!!!

On Fri, 1 Mar 1996, Dave DeCroix wrote:

> Hello all,
> I have silently reading in this list for about a month and decided
> it's
> way past time that I introduce myself.  My name is Dave DeCroix and
> Dave DeCroix
> GA->ME '98 hopeful