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Re: So much for this year!

= >   Well, it is with great, great, GREAT sadness that I report the 
= >postponement of my thru-hike. I was well on the way to leaving around 
= >April 8, but financial reality has come up and bit me on the ass, so 
= >to speak. Looks like I'm going to have to console myself with the 
= >knowledge that now I have until this time next year to plan.

= >   I am REALLY depressed about this situation. I was so psyched about 
= >doing the AT this year -- and something completely unrelated to 
= >hiking stopped me. It wasn't the weather, or my resolve, or my feet, 
= >or my gear. It was money. Come to think of it, I guess money ISN'T 
= >really unrelated to hiking and the outdoors, although I'd like to 
= >think it is.

= >   I'm sorry if I sound like I'm whining -- I really don't mean to -- 
= >but it sucks to be this close to a dream only to wake up, at least 
= >until next spring.

      It's much better to figure this out ahead of time than to
      first realize this on the trail (which lot's of hikers do).
      It will make doing it next year much more realistic.

						  --- Ron K ---